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brick manufacturing plantThe local conditions, transportation rates, labour costs and average lead distances are the key factors which often play a very significant role on the profitability of a brick making plant. These costs may contribute as high as 30% to 60% of the manufacturing cost. Although mechanised brick manufacturing may make cheaper and better quality bricks because of economy of scale, the forced high lead distances may overall adversely affect its economy. On the other hand complete manual brick making results in very poor quality, low strength and inefficiency; and leaves low margin due to excessive labour requirement . Therefore, in countries where labour is comparatively cheap, brick making by semi-mechanisation may be the most optimum solution.

So, in the developing countries like China, the widely mode of brick making production is semi-mechanized brick making. This method can supply and demand the increasing construction industry.   The semi-mechanized plants can work functionally well and produce far superior quality with a competitive price. The major advantages of semi-mechanised plant are :

1. suitable for small manufacturers, less capital outlay;
2. Simple operation and easy maintenance
3. Flexibility in choosing different installed capacities depending on local requirements.

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