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What Is Ball Mill And Its Working Principle?

What Is Ball Mill And Its Working Principle?

The usage of ball mill and its technical data
Ball mill is widely used for grinding ores and rocks in metal and non-metal mine. The main bearing of mill with cylinder diameter of 900-2700mm adopts the sphere tile bearing.

The working principle of ball mill
     The mainbody of the ball mill is a low-speed rotary cylinder mounted on two large bearings horizontally. The ball mills rotary part is driven at reducing speed by motor through speed reducer and gearweheel or by low-speed synchronous motor through gearwheel. Inside the cylinder feed proper grinding medium-steel balls. The medium will be lifted to certain height under the action of centrifugal force and friction and drop or fall. The material to grind is fed to the cylinder in succession and crushed by grinding medium, then discharged through overflow and continual feeding force, and enter the next procedure.

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